I’ve been dabbling in Twitter and wonder if I can really be bothered. This is a sign of old age and so I will resolutely resist the temptation to pull the plug. I forget what Edmodo is used for. Needless to say you have already stopped reading this.
But I have some news. I am off to South America for 2 years in August working in an International School again. I am a “bolter”; a term I rather like…a bit like blogger or tweeter:-)

Here is my twitter name so you can follow me @AnnieMacrae2 or should that be #AnnieMacrae2

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The Great South West house

The Great South West house

Many miles and towns I have travelled and many houses I have lived in, but this is my favourite place.
The house is sandstone with walls so thick with so many stories there from the early 1850’s. It used to be a Principal’s residence for the local Primary School so I feel a connection. As I start my technology journey I know that old Principal would be be amazed, astounded and bewildered by the changes in schools over the last 150 years, and he would be especially amazed that a woman and a librarian to boot would be out there
embarking on such a journey.

From this house I will be adding and editing my posts for the PLN network, as well as cribbing a bit of time at school! You might want to know a bit about me so I will answer the questions posed by our leaders for this first blog. I have been a teacher in public education for 40 years, a fact I find hard to deal with at times… My first appointment was at Warrnambool High School in 1973, and I appear to have closed the circle, returning here again in 2012 to work at Emmanuel College. I was a History/English teacher for the first 20 years and a Teacher Librarian for the last 20 years. I have worked in all types of schools. Victorian public schools – Maribyrnong High School,Kerang, Bendigo (Golden Square, East-Loddon, Bendigo Senior Secondary). From there I went overseas to work as a whole school librarian at St Dominic’s International School in Lisbon, Portugal and then onto Berlin where I worked at Berlin Brandenburg International School for 4 years. Home again, to Scotch College Melbourne for 3 years and now back home to the Great South West!

I have dabbled with Web 2.0 tools, but feel I have just scratched the surface. I use some all the time and others I only know about, so hopefully this is a perfect forum for me to really hone those skills.

Most of my interraction for Teacher Librarian skills comes from an iSkoodle website I subscribe to which is part of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) support network. I know this is a hangover from my European life, but the topics cover such a range of issues that I find it very informative. I also follow Bright Ideas and have tried tutorials online from Google and other Apps. My computer technical skills are quite good, but nothing really flash!

Like most of us I want to improve my skills so that I can make a difference in supporting students and teachers in their learning. I need to be aware of Web2. tools, to be able to discuss these confidently with students and teachers so that I can promote them when and where they are appropriate. Pretty simple really!

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